Reset Microsoft Office 365 Accounts

The portal for submitting requests to reset the MS Office 365 accounts of FMSC undergraduates

Dear students,

As a faculty, Arrangements were done to facilitate your academic affairs. Many of those services are provided with your official email address given by the faculty which is linked with office 365.

The password which you had to use with Office 365 was the same to the ITRC password. If your office 365 account is accessible with that password, you can enjoy all the services in office 365 and the services given by the university with that email account. If you are unable to get access to the office 365 account, please use this application to send a request to reset your password.

Please note that this special service is given to you because of the prevailing situation in the country and the normal procedure will be continued after opening the university.

Thank you.

Recover the account